National Gymkhana Association

Join the fun and excitement of Gymkhana!!!


“Barrel racing on steroids”…

That well describes the fun and excitement of Gymkhana!!!




There are many definitions of Gymkhana and its origins. Most of which can be easily found on the internet by simply typing GYMKHANA in the search box.


For the purpose of the National Gymkhana Association, Gymkhana means games on horses - games of speed, skill and agility. Games are primarily timed events; like Barrel Racing, Poles, Big M, Tunnel Vision and more, which can be found at Gymkhana Shows around the globe.




The National Gymkhana Association (NGA) is an organization designed to identify, organize and promote the equine sport of Gymkhana. Our goal is to organize multiple gymkhana show series in each state, where each series’ end-of-year age division champions and reserve champions can go to a state gymkhana finals to compete for a state championship. State champions and reserve champions may then have an opportunity to go to a national finals!!!!




Provide local, state and national gymkhana show series by developing a network of Show Producers and State Representatives. Foster a family oriented, welcoming environment where everyone feels at home. Support riders of all ages: from barely old enough to sit a horse to those that have flourished over the years. Stay dedicated to the horse and encourage the owners of the back-yard horse, the pasture ornaments, the performance and show horse to participate. Support all breeds and riding styles. Strive to provide participants, spectators, families and sponsors a sense of community, support, fun, excitement and reward.


“This is about fast, friendly competition, where all feel welcome regardless of their riding ability, horse breeding or the age of their trailer.”




For people wanting to start a rewarding gymkhana series, the National Gymkhana Association is here to help. We have compiled a  package of material, suppliers, and guidelines designed to take much of the work out of organizing a gymkhana show and/or series. Our package has helped a number of groups get their series up-and-running with great results.


With our “Get Started Package” - members also receive free guidance and direction from an experienced staff, a sounding board for their thoughts and ideals, access to preferred suppliers and to other gymkhana series managers and representatives!




Interested in having your year-end champions and reserve champions go on to a state level  competition or even a national finals... Then become a member of the National Gymkhana Association and/or state representative, and take advantage of our supplier and gymkhana series manager network. Speak directly with others that do what you do, or are about to do. Learn from those that have already been there and done that. Share ideals and discuss what works and what doesn’t. Work with suppliers that know and support what you are trying to do. Take advantage of the knowledge!!!


The organizers and managers of gymkhana series are true entrepreneurs. We respect their individuality and do not wish to dictate how they run their shows or series. NGA’s goal is to simply provide guidance and direction, where that guidance and direction fits, and to provide an avenue for your champions and reserve champions to go to the next level. It is the series manager’s discretion when and where to use that guidance and direction. We do however encourage members to consider a consistent set of rules and regulations along with divisions, awards criteria, and structure. Such will enable a more cohesive organization and ability for individual series to align with State and National programs. Again, the choice is yours!!!


Scan our pages, then give us a call to find out how your ranch/club/organization can become a part of the fun and excitement of the National Gymkhana Association !

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